Isondai Member Tools and Tips

By Rodney Francis on June 25, 2013

Category : Sales & Marketing

22/05/20 to 31/07/20
11:00 AM to 12:00 PM

Event Description

Isondai is hosting a sessions for members every Saturday to update them on the latest tools, updates and features of the Isondai web application.  This session will be open format and interactive on Ring Central so that members can ask questions and learn the most about using Isondai for their best benefit.  We invite all members to join us by preregistering for this weekly session.  At current we will have only 14 spots available each week for members to participate but will add more sessions or spot as required.  We look forward to meeting and interacting with you.  If registration fills up for the coming event, note that we will be hosting a one hour session at the same time every Friday.  You must register at least a day prior to the event.


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